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Moroccan National Arrested in Greece, Moroccan Security Service Says


Rabat (AD) Following accurate intelligence provided by the Moroccan security services represented by the Directorate General of Studies and Documents and the Directorate General of Territorial Surveillance, the Greek security services on Tuesday arrested a 28-year-old Moroccan national, who had held a senior position in the operation. the. Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization in Syria.

According to security sources, the arrest of the suspect was the result of joint coordination and intelligence exchange carried out within the framework of multilateral security cooperation, with the active contribution of the Moroccan security services and their counterparts in Greece, Italy, Britain and the United States.

The suspect was the subject of an international arrest warrant issued by Moroccan judicial authorities for his alleged involvement in preparing the implementation of a major terrorist plot and carrying out sabotage operations in Morocco at the instigation of a previous ISIS spokesman, the sources indicated.

The suspect, alias “Abu Muhammad al-Fateh”, had joined ISIS in Syria in 2014, before holding senior positions in the so-called “special division” in the Deir ez-Zor region, and in the so-called “religious police”. ” or “Hisbah” in the Raqqa Region.

He is also seen in video footage documenting the targeting of a Syrian fighter with military weapons, as he in flagrante delicto mutilates his corpse and threatens to fight people he calls enemies of religion.

According to this intelligence about the ISIS leader, he managed to escape from ISIS battlegrounds in Syria to Europe, specifically Greece, using fake personal documents and fake identities, before he was identified and arrested as part of a joint security operation. source shows.

The Moroccan judicial authorities have been notified of the suspect’s arrest and coordination is underway with the competent Greek authorities through the Interpol office of the Directorate General of National Security to send the official extradition request documents.

According to the same source, this successful security operation, which has been effectively contributed by the Moroccan security services, underscores the importance of international security cooperation in fighting terrorism and tracking down members of terrorist organizations.

This joint operation also reflects the serious and effective involvement of the Kingdom of Morocco in promoting security and stability at the regional and international levels.(PERSISMA/Red).